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Patient Portal Assistance


Viewing your lab results


You will receive an email as soon as your lab work has been submitted for testing, letting you know the order has been placed. 

When your lab work has been electronically sent to your chart, it will then be reviewed by your healthcare provider. When your provider has reviewed your labs, they will make any necessary notes in your chart, and upload the results to your patient portal. 

Once the results have been uploaded to your patient portal, they are ready to be viewed by you. 

Results for most routine lab work is received by us within 1-5 days after the date of your appointment. Specialized testing can sometimes take up to 7 days. 


1. If you are logging in to the patient portal for the first time, please make sure that you have activated your portal by clicking on the "activate        your account here" button:
















2. Once you have navigated through the steps to set up your portal, acknowledged all of the documents, and set your permanent username and password, click on the blue square labeled,  "Review Medical Record."















3. A new page will open, and to the lefthand side of this page you will see a row of tabs. Select the tab labeled, "Orders." 





























4. You will now see a list of lab orders, radiology orders, referrals, etc. organized by date. If your results are ready to view, you will see a blue link on the right hand side of the page that is labeled, "Results." Click on the link and you will see your lab results. Any results in the right hand column in red are abnormal results, and you will be contacted by your healthcare provider or a medical assistant. 



















If you have questions about your lab results, please message your provider through the Patient Portal, by navigating to the message tab and selecting the name of your provider.