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Lab Draws

Premier Healthcare of North Texas is CLIA certified and provides our patients with an in-office lab draw station. We have a dedicated full-time phlebotomist employed by Clinical Pathology Laboratories (CPL) who draws labs for us and who coordinates delivery of the lab specimens to an offsite CPL laboratory for processing. For most specimens, CPL has a 48-hour turnaround time for results. There are specimens that require additional time to process and those can sometimes take up to a week before we receive the results. All lab results are received securely and electronically through our HIPAA compliant Electronic Health Records system. Once lab results have been reviewed by your physician, they are available to view on your patient portal along with any comments made by your doctor.


We do offer lab draws on a walk-in basis, but please be aware that lab draws are entered into our system in the order in which you sign in. However, there are patients with scheduled appointments being seen in the clinic that require lab draws as well, and those take priority over patients who are having labs drawn for future appointments.


We ask that you allow yourself at least 30 minutes on the day you have your labs drawn for an upcoming appointment.


We can typically get you in and out much more quickly than that, but we cannot predict events such as patients who are “hard sticks” or who become faint in the lab chair, etc. and which affect our schedule.

CPL does their own billing, therefore if you receive a statement or bill from CPL for lab work you had drawn in our office, you will need to call CPL at the number listed on your statement.